Beryl Bays

A photo of two Beryl Bikes. They located in Beryl Bays, which are boxes outlined on the sidewalk with paint and tape, signifying that users can park there.


What is a Beryl Bay?

A Beryl Bay is a clearly marked space where you can pick up bikes and drop them off after you're done riding. Marked spaces will be rectangular in shape, with identifying logos in the the center of the space. They can be located in the roadbed or the sidewalk. 


Where are Beryl Bays located?

When you open the Beryl app, you’ll see a map of your location. The Beryl Bays nearby will be shown  with a green rectangle symbol. The number shown within the symbol shows how many bikes are available in that bay.

You can also scroll around the map to find a Beryl Bay close to your final destination. Beryl Bays do not fill up, so you can park there, no matter how many bikes are there currently.


Parking in a Bay

Once you finish your ride, park neatly in a Beryl Bay. Using the kickstand, please park in a considerate manner, so that other people may also fit their bikes within the bay. 

If the bay is full, you can still park alongside the other bikes. Even if your bike is just outside the lines, Beryl's system knows that you’re trying to park in a bay and will register it.


Parking outside a Bay

There's also an option to park outside a bay. In this case, Beryl will charge a convenience fee to cover the operational costs.

Please follow these parking guidelines when parking outside of the bays. 

  • Bikes must be parked on the sidewalk, along existing street furniture.

  • Bikes must leave a straight, unobstructed path of 6 feet or more for pedestrian traffic.

  • Bikes must not:

    • Block any doorway, driveway, curb cut, Staten Island Railway entrance

    • Be parked in a bus stop

    • Be parked in a crosswalk or intersection

    • Be parked on private property


I parked in a bay but was still charged. What gives?

It's possible that Beryl's system might make a mistake and incorrectly charge you for parking outside a bay. You’ll be notified of this on the end of journey screen on the app. If you think you’ve been charged by mistake, Beryl can be notified within the in-app chat and they'll try to fix the issue.


A row of Beryl Bikes neatly parked within a bay.