Dockless Bike Share Parking Guidelines

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Dockless Bike Share Parking Guidelines

In order to ensure safe, organized, and an accessible pedestrian right of way, NYC DOT has required pilot operating vendors and their users to follow the following parking guidelines:

  • Bicycles must be parked on the sidewalk in line with existing street furniture (e.g., tree pits, bike racks, fire hydrants)
  • Bicycles must leave a straight, unobstructed clear path of 6’ or more  for pedestrian traffic 
  • Bicycles must not:
    • Block any doorway, driveway, curb cut, or subway entrance
    • Be parked in a bus stop
    • Be parked in a crosswalk or intersection  

The City reserves the right to amend parking guidelines at any time during the pilot.

If you see an improperly parked or damaged bike please contact the vendor by calling the 24/7 accessible number located on the bike or report the issue to NYC311 and record the incident on our feedback map.