M23 Crosstown Select Bus Service Introduction

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Crosstown bus trips along 23rd Street are often slow and unreliable. NYCDOT and the MTA want to hear from you about the challenges you face with crosstown travel on 23rd Street and where improvements are needed along the M23 route. Please use the M23 Feedback Map to provide comments and suggestions.

Select Bus Service (SBS) projects across the city have helped reduce time spent waiting for the bus, boarding the bus, and traveling. With 15,000 daily passengers, over only two miles, the M23 is an important crosstown route that connects riders to multiple subway and bus routes, neighborhoods, schools, and job centers.

SBS routes operate in every borough, with a total of eight routes citywide. SBS improvements are customized for each SBS corridor, depending on the needs of the route. The benefits of SBS can include the following:

  • Faster boarding with off-board fare payment and the ability to board the bus through any door
  • Faster, more reliable bus service with dedicated bus lanes to avoid congestion
  • A more comfortable wait with improved bus shelters and benches
  • Less time waiting at traffic lights with signal priority for buses (Transit Signal Priority)
  • Know when the next bus is coming with real-time information displays
  • Get directions at bus stops with neighborhood map displays
  • Safer streets and crossings with high-visibility crosswalks, improved medians, and reconfigured intersections

Together, these improvements have made for faster, more reliable, and more comfortable bus service throughout the city.

We look forward to your input to improve travel across 23rd Street.