Study Description


The Springfield Gardens/South Jamaica Transportation Study is being conducted in response to growing traffic congestion in the area and safety concerns expressed by the community and elected officials to improve traffic operations and roadway infrastructure. Council Member Donovan Richards also requested that DOT extend the Springfield Gardens/JFK Transportation Study area to address numerous locations and issues raised by the community at previous meetings. This study, therefore, complements that study, which was completed in December 2016.

The purpose of this study is to assess existing and future traffic conditions and develop effective solutions to traffic and transportation problems. The study will adopt a multimodal approach, thus it will examine all travel modes. It will also analyze traffic/transit operations, truck circulation and loading/unloading activities, crash locations and frequency, and parking capacity and utilization.

This area wide transportation study incorporates community input during the entire study process in conjunction with data collection efforts to shape the identification of issues and development of improvement measures. This feedback, in addition to other public comments and initiatives, will help us to understand the community issues and to develop future improvements. Please use our online map to identify specific locations with transportation issues and safety concern


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