Proposed Improvements

Implemented in 2009, the pedestrian plazas at Herald and Greeley Squares remain lively. However, they face new challenges. The interim materials are showing the wear after years of use.

A photo of Greeley Square, with cracks in the pavement

A photo of the bike connection through Herlad Square. In it, there are pedestrians walking in the bike lane

The bike connection through Herald Square across Sixth Avenue is complicated and causes conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians. Cyclists and pedestrians compete for space while the space is not clearly designated. 

A photo of pedestrians walking in the street on Broadway between 32nd St & 33rd St

Broadway between 32nd and 33rd has low vehicle volumes, while the adjacent sidewalks are overflowing with pedestrians.



A diagram of the proposed changes. It includes expanded pedestrian space, better bike connections and opening 33rd St to cars


Suggested improvements include public space enhancements, strengthening bike connections, and reopening 33rd Street to vehicular traffic.