Public Outreach Results

An action photo of a Street Ambassador conducting a survey with a local at Greeley Square.

Back in May and October of 2018, the NYC DOT Street Ambassadors collected 98 surveys at Herald and Greeley. A similar survey was available online here on our portal. Last week, our survey was officially closed to new responses and the result are in.

Three graphs accompanied by a birds eye view photo of Herald Plaza during the summer. The first graph titled "What is your relationship to the neighborhood?" has 5 horizontal bars. The first reads "46% Work", the second reads "20% Shop", the third read "16% Live", the fourth reads "5% Other", and the last reads "4% Study".The graph titled "How often do you come to the plaza" has 5 bars. First reads "32% Daily, second reads "32% Several times a week". third reads "22% Several times a month". fourth reads "11% Less often", and fifth reads "3% First visit". The last graph titled "Did you plan to visit the plaza today" has four bars. First reads "51% Yes, I planned to come to the plaza today", second reads "30% I happened to pass by, third reads "15% yes, on my way someplace else", and fourth reads "4% Yes, as part of my daily commute".


There are two graphs accompanying an action photo of a Street Ambassador surveying a local. The first graph titled "What could be improved regarding the bike connections?" shows three horizontal bars. The top bar reads "28% Additional Buffers", the middle bar reads "28% Markings", and the bottom bar reads "27% Alignment through pedestrian areas". The second graph titled "What could be improved in the Herald Square & Greeley Square area?" and has four bars underneath. The top bar reads "19% More public space", the second bar reads "16% More seating options", the third bar reads "15% more space for circulation", and the last bottom bar reads "15% Cleanliness".


If you didn't get a chance to participate and leave feedback regarding the project, don't worry because you may get another chance in the near future. Just stay tuned.