Project Overview

In response to community requests, NYCDOT has launched the Washington Heights Neighborhood Transportation Study (NTS) in Upper Manhattan. The study area includes the section of Manhattan Community Board 12 between 155th Street and 182nd Street. The study will look at a range of transportation issues, including safety, pedestrian and bicycle mobility, traffic congestion, bus service, and quality of life issues. The study will include outreach to residents, elected officials, and other area stakeholders, as well as a comprehensive analysis of existing transportation issues and problems. DOT will work with the community to identify possible improvements to the street network, including changes to signal timing, roadway design, curb regulations and parking, bike, pedestrian, and transit networks, and public spaces.

Within the larger study area, DOT intends is focusing its efforts on three specific sub areas based on feedback from the local community and analysis of safety, traffic, and curb use data. On November 3rd, 2014, DOT held the first public workshop. Approximately 35 members of the community took part in round-table discussions with DOT staff facilitators. Based on feedback received at the event and a review of safety data, DOT has identified these three focus areas for further study (shown in the map below):

  • George Washington Bridge / Trans-Manhattan Expressway Area
  • Broadway Corridor and Columbia Medical Center Area
  • Broadway Retail Corridor Curb Management

DOT is currently collecting traffic, safety, pedestrian, bike and other data in the study area. Based on an analysis of this data and the input from the community, DOT will return to the community in fall 2015 with preliminary ideas to improve the street network. These ideas will then be refined based on further feedback from residents and other community stakeholders. In the meantime, residents can add their concerns and ideas about transportation in Washington Heights to the feedback map on this website.

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