Project Overview

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Welcome to the Sunset Park Upland Connectors Project!

This project seeks to develop a plan with the community to establish safe and inviting pedestrian and bicycling routes connecting the upland community to waterfront destinations. We envision these upland connector routes as a combination of pedestrian safety improvements, bike facilities, landscaping, wayfinding and street furniture that all come together to create more inviting environmentally sustainable spaces.

The goals of the project are threefold:

1. Develop a community-based plan to establish safe and inviting pedestrian and bicycle routes connecting Sunset Park’s residential core to waterfront destinations including:

  • Industrial Jobs
  • Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway
  • Bush Terminal Park
  • Ferry Landing 

2. Prioritize and implement short-term projects 

  • Received $1.2M NYS Environmental Protection Fund Local Waterfront Revitalization Program grant (NYS Department of State) 

3.  Identify long term, realizable improvements that can be funded through the capital process

Project Schedule:

This project will be guided by the community throughout the entire process. Starting in the summer of 2015, UPROSE and the DOT convened a series of Sunset Park walking tours to identify neighborhood priorities. These priorities were expanded upon during the first community workshop held at UPROSE on October 28th.


The DOT will unveil a design based on this feedback at a workshop planned for March of 2016, with a third workshop following in the summer to review final designs.


On-the-ground implementation of the project is expected in summer/fall of 2018.