Project Overview

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The Department of Transportation is working to improve safety along Atlantic Avenue between Georgia Avenue and Rockaway Boulevard. Over the next few years, we will be implementing a two-phase project to comprehensively overhaul Atlantic Avenue to make it a much safer corridor for all road users. 


Why we are here:

  • The community has been asking the Department of Transportation to make improvements to Atlantic Avenue to enhance safety
  • Atlantic Avenue is a Vision Zero Priority Corridor
    • Identified as such in both the Brooklyn and Queens Pedestrian Safety Action Plans
  • Atlantic Avenue is part of Mayor Bill de Blasio's Great Streets Initiative, in which we focus on bringing safety improvements to wide, dangerous streets throughout all 5 boroughs.


Current Safety Problems:

  • Top 10% of Brooklyn streets for severe injuries and fatalities per mile
  • 79 persons killed or severely injured along 2.4 mile long corridor in a 5 year stretch, 27 of whom were pedestrians.
  • The roadway is extremely wide. Pedestrians have to cross six lanes of traffic and two lanes of parked cars!
  • The medians in the road are narrow and unsafe for pedestrians who need to wait in the middle of the street with a red light
  • Pedestrians cross the street at locations that are convenient for them, but some of these locations do not have crosswalks or signals
  • Turning cars block the flow of traffic, forcing cars to change lanes dangerously and aggressively
  • Confusing, abnormal intersections create unpredictable conditions that endanger both drivers and pedestrians.


What is Happening:

  • A two phase project
    • Phase one (approved unanimously in December 2015) is from Georgia Avenue to Logan Street
      • Construction is scheduled to start in 2017
    • Phase two is from Logan Street to Rockaway Boulevard
      • Plans are in development and proposals should come to Community Boards in 2016
      • Construction is scheduled to start in 2018
  • What Changes Will I see?
    • Larger medians with protected crossings, traffic calming design elements with separate left turn lanes, turn bans, and signal timing changes to enhance safety.
    • New high visibility crosswalks so that pedestrians can safely cross at more locatoins along the street
    • Street and sidewalk reconstruction and enhancement to make walking and driving along the street more pleasant


What's Next?

  • Use our feedback map to tell us where there are currently issues that affect you as a pedestrian, cyclist or driver. We will use this feedback to help us develop our final proposal for the corridor.
  • Take our online survey to let us know how you currently are using Atlantic Ave as a pedestrian, driver, or cyclist
  • Continue to periodically check our feedback portal for updates on meetings and new information, which will be posted when available.
  • A proposal for Phase II should be expected later in 2017
  • Construction is expected to begin on Phase I later in 2017