Local Law 171 and Rule Making Process




Local Law 171 (2023) 

Local Law 171 (2023) requires DOT to redesign the Truck Route Network with a focus on enhancing safety, increasing visibility, and reducing traffic congestion while taking into consideration of existing freight travel patterns, major truck traffic generators, and industry trends. As part of the Local Law, DOT is in the process of gathering data and public feedback. Information gathered will be published in a report released in the Fall of 2024.    

After publishing the report with incorporated public feedback and recommendations, to advance the proposed truck route changes, DOT will initial the City Administrative Procedure Act (CAPA) process.  


Rule Making Process 

CAPA is included in Chapter 45 of the New York City Charter. CAPA describes the steps that agencies must take when proposing a rule. CAPA is meant to encourage engagement with the public and transparency in the rulemaking process. The rulemaking process generally takes a minimum of 60 days, and during this period agencies are required to provide New Yorkers with an opportunity to review and comment on the proposed rules. For more information, please see link here.  



Process Timeline 


Public Feedback Portal: June 30, 2024 Deadline.  Coordination and Outreach: Spring/Summer 2024. Publish Report: September 15, 2024. Begin Rule Making Process and Associated Outreach: Begin September 2024.