NYCDOT Freight Programs & Initiatives

The following plans and programs seek to lessen the impact of frieght delivery on NYC streets and communities.  Additional information can be found on the NYCDOT Homepage

NYC Freight Vision Plan: Delivering Green

NYC DOT and the NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) are committed to encouraging greener and more efficient truck deliveries, increasing the share of goods moved by water, rail, and cargo bicycles, and supporting innovation and new technologies to make freight movement more efficient. Delivering Green: A vision for a sustainable freight network serving New York City highlights the critical work needed to execute New York City’s shared vision for the future of safer, more efficient, and sustainable freight movement. The City intends to seek federal funding to execute these initiatives made possible by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, passed by Congress in November 2021, which includes over $120 billion over the next five years.

Delivering Green: A vision for a sustainable freight network serving New York City (pdf)

Blue Highways: Activating NYC's Waterways for the Sustainable Movement of Goods


Delivering New York: A Smart Truck Management Plan for New York City

Delivering New York is the City’s strategic freight management plan. This plan provides a comprehensive policy framework for a safe, sustainable, equitable, and efficient last-mile freight delivery system.

The plan emphasizes the importance of transforming the "last mile" – the final stage of delivery. This plan introduces new and creative approaches to:

  • Accommodate growth in truck traffic
  • Expand intermodal delivery methods including programs to reduce freight travel demand, such as off-hour deliveries
  • Provide better access to the curb
  • Test innovative delivery methods
  • Improve truck routing
  • Streamline regulations for smarter, data-driven governance

New Yorkers can and should be able to receive the goods they need without compromising on environmental, financial, and social returns. NYC DOT will work with partners to adopt the actions in this plan and put the City on a path towards a safer, more responsible, sustainable, and efficient freight system that grows the economy, supports freight-related jobs, and delivers the goods that residents and businesses need.

Goals of Delivering New York:

  1. Safety: Improve the safety of truck travel through and within the city
  2. Efficiency: Improve the efficiency of freight movement to, from, and within the city
  3. Sustainability: Foster the sustainable and responsible movement of goods
  4. Partnerships and Knowledge: Expand partnerships within the public and private sectors to increase awareness and understanding of freight activity

Delivering New York: A Smart Truck Management Plan for New York City (pdf)

Commercial Cargo Bicyclist Pilot Program

NYC DOT is committed to exploring the expansion sustainable and efficient transportation modes for last-mile freight delivery. This pilot program encourages the use of cargo bicycles for commercial purposes in the City, and is open to any business interested in utilizing cargo bicycles for last-mile freight delivery.

We are continuing to grow and expand the commercial cargo bike pilot program in the densest parts of the city. In 2022, we installed four new commercial cargo bike corrals and are incorporating cargo bike expansion support in other new programs such as the coming Micro-Distribution Center pilot. 

Commercial Cargo Bicyclist Program Information and Resources

Commercial Cargo Bike Pilot Program 1-year Report:

NYC Clean Trucks

The NYC Clean Trucks Program provides rebate incentives and a network of resources to local commercial fleet operators so that they may transition away from diesel and towards clean, advanced trucks and transportation technologies.

The NYC Clean Trucks Program (NYCCTP) opened enrollment in June 2020 and began accepting truck replacement rebate applications from eligible businesses located in, or providing service to, industrial business zones citywide. The COVID-19 pandemic notwithstanding, since launching, the NYCCTP has received 66 applications for a total of 136 trucks. As of December 2022, 64 truck replacements have been funded and are currently on-road and in-use, with another 21 vehicles in the pipeline. Most notably, the NYCCTP is on track to spend approximately $2 million on fully electric trucks by the end of fiscal year 2023.

NYC Clean Trucks Program Website

Blue Highways Program: Activating NYC's Waterways for the Sustainable Movement of Goods

NYC DOT and the NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) are committed to encouraging the use of NYC’s waterways to move goods into and around the City, as committed to in Delivering Green: A vision for a sustainable freight network serving New York City. Activating our marine facilities for freight will reduce traffic congestion and air pollution caused by our overreliance on trucks, and is a key part of the City’s broader greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategy.

NYCEDC, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and NYC DOT are transforming how freight enters the city by investing in maritime and rail solutions. NYCEDC was recently awarded over $5 million in federal funding to improve water freight service and bolster our marine highway. This builds off NYCEDC and NYC DOT’s joint effort to develop Blue Highways, a multimodal freight network that will operationalize our waterways for last mile delivery. As a next step, the city will release a RFEI to better understand industry challenges and opportunities, including ways to activate city-owned marine facilities identified through our Freight Decarbonization Feasibility Study.

Off-Hour Deliveries (OHD) Program

NYC DOT’s Off-Hour Deliveries (OHD) program encourages goods delivery during the off-peak hours of 7 pm and 6 am in efforts to decrease congestion and truck emissions. We work with businesses and delivery services to help develop the most efficient delivery method for each business.

OHD Program Website and 2010 Pilot Report

Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) Incentive Program

NYC DOT provides Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) incentive funding toward the purchase of Tier 4 Final or ultra-low-emissions TRUs to qualified applicants in Hunts Point. Qualified fleets will work with the City to promote the reduction of harmful emissions from Tier 0, Tier 1 and Tier 2 TRU engines.

Truck's Eye View

NYC DOT developed the Truck’s Eye View program in 2011 to provide education to the public on the obstructed vision areas around large trucks. At events citywide, participants can sit in the driver’s seat of a truck and learn about the vehicle’s obstructed vision areas from a professional truck driver, to increase safety awareness for all roadway users.

To learn more about the Truck’s Eye View Program or request a display at a community event in your area, please contact us at

Check It or Wreck It

NYC DOT’s Check It or Wreck It campaign encourages truckers to view the truck route map, use a truck-specific GPS and avoid parkways in the New York Metro Area.