What is a Busway?

M14D Select Bus Service Bus and a Concrete truck traveling on the 14th Street Busway

Busway Basics

  • A busway prioritizes bus travel by restricting other traffic traveling through a corridor

    • Only buses, trucks, and emergency vehicles are allowed to drive from end to end along the busway

    • Other vehicles are allowed to turn onto the busway for local access. These vehicles must make the next available turn off the street

  • Thorough evaluation of curb regulations to match local needs

  • Thorough monitoring of bus and traffic operations

  • Opportunity for pedestrian safety improvements

Typical Busway Signage

Busway Signage shows through arrow for trucks and buses and a right turn only arrow for all other trafficBusway signage explaining traffic restrictionsBusway signage explaining local access restrictions

Busway signage used on overhead poles indicating traffic restrictions


Example Busways

  • 14th St, Manhattan

    • Thru traffic on 14th Street between 3rd Avenue and 9th Avenue is restricted to Buses and Trucks

    • Local access is permitted. Vehicles must make next right turn off the corridor

    • Changes resulted in significant gains for bus riders

      • 24% improvement in bus travel times, saving almost 3 minutes on average

      • Ridership increased 14%

      • While side streets saw slight increases in traffic volume, vehicle travel times minimally impacted (<1 minute)

    • Project was implemented in October 2019 and made permanent in June 2020

    • Similar bus frequency as 181st Street

  • Main St, Queens

    • Thru traffic on southbound Main Street between 37th Avenue and 40th Road is restricted to Buses and Trucks

    • Local access permitted. Vehicles must turn off corridor at next intersection

    • Southbound bus speeds improved 23% after implementation

    • DOT plans to implement treatment in NB direction on Main St in 2020

  • Fulton St, Brooklyn

    • Fulton Street between Flatbush Avenue and Adam Street is restricted to Buses and local truck deliveries

    • Supports commercial district with 230 stores

    • 181st Street has greater bus frequency than Fulton Mall