Rockaway Ferry Service Starts May 1st

The Rockaways will be the first to receive ferry service this summer as part of Mayor DeBlasio's Citwide Ferry Program (now called NYC Ferry). Starting Thursday, May 1st, Rockaway residents can board one of 16 daily ferryboat departures from a new Beach 108th Street terminal and disembark at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park (43 minutes later) or Pier 11 on the east side of Lower Manhattan (59 minutes later). Ferry tickets can be purchased at the B108 St terminal or via a phone app, and cost the same as a subway ride ($2.75). Click here for more information.

Starting up with the ferry service on May 1st, Rockaway East shuttle buses will pick up and drop off passengers for each ferryboat departure at the following stops: 

  • Beach Channel Drive/ B.35th Street
  • Beach Channel Drive/ B.41st Street
  • Beach Channel Drive/ B. 54st Street
  • Beach Channel Drive/ B.67th Street
  • Rockaway Beach Blvd/ B. 86th Street

Click here for the full Rockaway East shuttle bus schedule.