5th Avenue Busway Pilot Preliminary Design Proposal

NYC DOT presented preliminary design proposals for the 5th Avenue Busway Pilot to the 5th Avenue Community Advisory Board (CAB) on July 28, 2020.



Limit southbound through travel to buses, bikes and emergency vehicles

  • All traffic must turn off 5th Avenue prior to 57 Street

  • Proposed busway hours: 24 hours, seven days a week (to match existing 5th Avenue bus lane hours)

  • Alert signage will be provided north of 57th Street and on side streets


Allow local access onto 5th Avenue

  • In general, all local traffic must exit 5th Avenue busway at next available turn


With traffic restrictions in place, space on 5th Avenue becomes available for several other needs:

  • Implement protected bicycle lane

  • Add sidewalk space along east curb

  • Provide pickup & drop-off space


DOT will coordinate with NYPD on traffic management and enforcement

  • Use of enforcement cameras may become available