Adopt A Greenway Guidelines



Download a PDF of the Adopt A Greenway Guidelines here


The Adopt-A-Greenway program is a framework that addresses current issues along the greenway, provides a maintenance structure for future design, and is model for other greenways and plaza spaces throughout the city. The program offers civic-minded organizations or individuals (Sponsors) an opportunity to enhance New York City's greenways by adopting greenway segments.

The greenway network continues to grow throughout the City. Maintenance has become an issue for the various greenway designs that straddle jurisdictions. For example, paths are often located between the roadways that are swept by Department of Sanitation and sidewalks which are maintained by private property owners. 

A greenway is a linear open space, such as a path or trail, which links parks and communities around the city, providing public access to green spaces and the waterfront. Greenways expand recreational opportunities for walking, jogging, biking, and in-line skating. Greenways answer the growing public demand for safe and pleasant ways to travel about New York City. These trails allow one to get to work or school, shop or do errands, or to reach the waterfront, parks, beaches, and museums.