Columbia Street, Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway

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Columbia Street, Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway      0.52 linear miles

This greenway segment is currently adopted.


Segment Description                                                                                                                            

Atlantic Avenue between Joralemon Street & Columbia Street

14’ wide south sidewalk

8’ wide 2-way path, separated from adjacent vehicular lane  

Public plaza space at entrance to Brooklyn Bridge Park, separating bike lanes from vehicular traffic

Columbia Street between Atlantic Avenue & Congress Street

15’ wide west sidewalk

10’ wide 2-way path on street, separated from adjacent vehicular lane by concrete barriers

Columbia Street between Congress Street & Degraw Street

9’ wide west sidewalk

10’ wide 2-way path adjacent to sidewalk


Maintenance of this segment includes:

The pedestrian plaza at the entrance to Brooklyn Bridge Park, including the landscaping and street furniture from Joralemon Street to Columbia Street.

The 2 way bike lane and sidewalk between the plaza and the fence line.

The sidewalk and 2 way bike path along west side of Columbia Street, from the concrete barriers to the fence line.

All traffic control devices and street furniture present along this path, and landscaping features that are not maintained by adjacent residences or property owners.


Segment Specific Considerations

Access to snow removal equipment will be necessary to clear this greenway segment of snow or ice.            

A Citi Bike station is sited adjacent to the public plaza space on Atlantic Avenue. 

Concrete barriers along this segment are topped with metal fencing and painted with murals through the DOT Barrier Beautification project.