Cover slide for the "Pedestrian Safety Action Plan - Brooklyn". It shows Grand Army Plaza, where pedestrians, bikes and cars regularly interact.

In 2015, the NYC DOT and NYPD developed a set of Pedestrian Safety Action Plans, one for each borough. Each plan analyzes the unique conditions of each borough and recommends actions  to address pedestrian safety. Bedford-Stuyvesant/ Ocean Hill - Brownsville has a number of intersections and corridors highlighted in this report. 

Pedestrian Safety Action Plan - Brooklyn

Pedestrian Safety Action Plan - Other Boroughs

Cover slide of "Sage Streets for Seniors". It is an aerial view of Broadway & W 96th St

Safe Streets for Seniors is a pedestrian safety initiative for older New Yorkers. The initiative studies crash data, conducts outreach and develops & implements mitigation measures to improve safety for seniors and all road users alike. Bedford-Stuyvesant/ Ocean Hill - Brownsville was recently added as a Senior Pedestrian Focus Area in 2017.

Safe Streets for Seniors

Cover for "Bus Forward" report. It depicts people waiting for the Bx6 Select Bus Service.

In 2017, the MTA and DOT released the Bus Forward Plan, aimed to improving bus service by making it faster and more reliable. A corridor targeted for improvement is Malcolm X Blvd, located in the southern portion of Bed-Stuy. 

Bus Forward

Cover slide for "Don't cut corners" report. It shows a turning vehicle yielding to a pedestrian in the crosswalk

In 2016, DOT released Don't Cut Corners, a report aimed to explain why left turns were more dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. This report spurred the creation of a new program called "Left Turn Traffic Calming", which uses paint and other materials to change how motorists are making left turns.

Don't Cut Corners

Cover for the "Safer Cycling" report. In it, there's an aerial image of Hester & Chrystie Streets, focusing on the two-way bike lane.

Safer Cycling was a report made in 2017 in collabration with the NYPD and the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene. This report describes the progress NYC has made in improving cyclist safety and lays out a plan to improve it further. Bedford-Stuyvesant/ Ocean Hill - Brownsville (Community Board 3) was highlighted as a "Bike Priority District". This means that there are a high number of cyclists KSI (killed or severely injured) with a low to medium amount of bike infrastructure. 

Safer Cycling