Route selection: Atlantic Basin

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This is one of the most beautiful and peaceful sections of the waterfront. In planning the route, DOT must reconcile the desire for waterfront access with an active commercial and industrial waterfront.

Route A (shown in blue) passes through Atlantic Basin. In order to continue along the waterfront, this route depends on acquiring permission to pass through privately held land between Wolcott Street and Coffey Street and would entail significant capital investment as well as a lengthy review process.

Route B (shown in yellow) also uses Atlantic Basin, but continues straight onto Conover Street and leads directly to southern destinations. Given Conover Street’s width, cyclists would have to share the roadbed with vehicles or a major capital project would have to be implemented to change the street’s design.

Route C (shown in Orange) is the easiest route to implement but the farthest from the waterfront. Van Brunt is wider than Conover Street, but has cobblestones on portions and is not wide enough for a separated bicycle path.

Please let us know which route your prefer, or if there are other concerns or routes you would like us to explore.


Atlantic Basin route options