Route Selection: Beard Street and Conover Street to Erie Basin Park

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On this section of the route we are examining how a greenway can be built from Valentino Pier to Erie Basin Park, behind Ikea. Waterfront access is already provided along much of this section, but a continuous bicycle path does not exist.

Route A (shown in blue) would require considerable investment to construct the bridges that would be necessary to create a continuous path for bikers and pedestrians. While this option would be difficult to build right now, future development of the area could potentially incorporate the design of a waterfront esplanade.

Route B (shown in yellow) would be along Beard Street from Conover Street to Dwight Street where the Greenway would connect to the existing path at Erie Basin Park. This option is easier to implement, however; Beard Street’s cobblestones would need to be partially removed and/or replaced with a smoother surface as the street is not wide enough to build a separate path for bikers.