Route Selection: Vinegar Hill/DUMBO

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The route through Vinegar Hill and DUMBO will connect the Navy Yard and Flushing Avenue to Brooklyn Bridge Park.  The design of this section will have to be contextual, paying special attention to the two historic districts and the area’s cobblestone streets.

Route A (shown in blue) takes the Greenway closest to the waterfront. This route would require traversing cobblestones along Hudson Street, and opening up John Street along a Con Edison Facility which is presently closed due to security and safety concerns.

Route B (shown in yellow) consists of two one-way pairs and would send usersthrough Pearl Street Plaza. York Street would have on-street lanes, but cobblestones and limited street space throughout the heart of DUMBO would likely require shared vehicular/bike lanes.

Route C (shown in orange) provides the most direct route, but is farthest from the waterfront. The Greenway would use the existing separated path on Sands Street and connect to Jay and Pearl Streets. Due to limited width, these last two streets would likely be shared lanes.