Street Ambassadors in Your Neighborhood!

A Street Ambassador and Bed Stuy resident discuss transportation safety issues in Herbert Von King Park.

Keep your eyes peeled for NYC DOT's Street Ambassadors, who will be stationed throughout Bed Stuy and Ocean Hill - Brownsville from August through December to talk to folks about their transportation needs. They'll be visiting subway stops, parks, churches, and events. We'll update our events page so you can find them. Scheduled events will be preceded by "COMING SOON." Once the team visits the spot, we'll update the event description with a photo and a short recap. 

Street Ambassadors will have cool giveaways with them, like tote bags, sunglasses, and an occasional bike light or bell. Anyone who does a survey with the team can get a giveaway for free, so stop by and chat!


Please note that Street Ambassador schedules can be subject to change and are weather dependent. Street Ambassador stations may be disrupted due to rain or excessive heat. If you miss the team, you can always do our survey online by clicking here or using the icon in the menu on the left. 

If you would like to request the Street Ambassadors at your event, please click on the "Request a Street Ambassador" icon in the menu on the left.